Sea defence costs to be investigated

Scarborough SpaThe cost implications of two sea defence options to protect the coastline in Scarborough’s South Bay will be presented to the borough council’s Cabinet in the New Year.

It follows a meeting at which senior councillors fully endorsed officers’ recommendations to improve the sea defences around the Spa and carry out cliff-stabilisation works in the South Bay, where there is already dramatic evidence of ground movement.

Cabinet decided that officers’ preferred option of a moderate height wave wall with rock revetment, along with the option of a concrete stepped revetment should be investigated further. Both options would help protect public assets such as the Spa.

Once the cost implications of the two options have been evaluated, a further report will be submitted to Cabinet in February when councillors will decide which one they want to see put forward in a business case to attract Environment Agency funding.

Cllr Andrew Backhouse, Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet portfolio holder for coastal and flood defences, said: “The decision to endorse the need to improve the sea defences in front of the Spa and address the cliff instability issues behind the Spa is pleasing.


Scarborough Spa Coast Protection Scheme

The Scarborough Spa Coast Protection Scheme aims to provide long term coastal stability for the stretch of coastline around the Spa Complex.

The project covers the area from the access steps leading down to the foreshore at the northern end of the Spa Complex, to the slipway at Children’s Corner which is at the end of the Colonnade section in the vicinity of the Clock Café.