Project background

This project is the result of a succession of plans and policies that assess the future coastal risk management for the Spa coastline in increasing detail.

Scarborough is covered by the North East Shoreline Management Plan 2 (SMP2) – River Tyne to Flamborough Head.  This high level policy was adopted by Scarborough Borough Council in July 2007, and recommends the ‘Hold the Line’ policy for the Scarborough coastline.

The Holbeck to Scalby Mills Scarborough Coastal Defence Strategy was produced to identify the different ways in which the ‘Hold the Line’ policy from the SMP could be achieved, and to assess which of the options was the most appropriate.

This Strategy was first produced in 1999 and has been regularly reviewed and updated.  The review of the Strategy in 2009 identified the Spa frontage as the priority coast protection scheme for the town of Scarborough.

The preferred option from the strategy to implement this policy is a rock revetment in front of the existing sea wall, with a wave return wall, and cliff stabilisation.