Project timeline

What has happened so far…

  • The Holbeck to Scalby Mills Scarborough Coastal Defence Strategy Review was approved by the Environment Agency in 2009.
  • In order to start work on the Scarborough Spa Coast Protection Scheme funding was applied for and obtained from the Environment Agency in 2010.
  • The professional and technical services required for this project have been procured following European procurement procedures.
  • The Project Team has collected the relevant information and data required for the project, this has included some investigations and surveys.
  • Consultation with different organisations, regulators and local groups has been carried out.
  • A set of options have been developed and presented to Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet for a decision on the preferred option.


What will happen next…

  • An outline design for the scheme based on the preferred option will be developed to determine what works will be required and what the scheme will look like.
  • Further consultation will be carried out to help inform the development of the scheme.
  • A business case will be developed for the scheme to justify the cost of the scheme.
  • A Project Appraisal Report will be produced; this is the report that will be submitted to the Environment Agency to get the scheme approved. It includes the business case for the scheme and the details of the scheme.
  • The approval of the Project Appraisal Report will be the end of this phase of the project.